Rachel Hunter - Speculative Fiction Author and Poet

Life Defined

Rachel Hunter

   I often question the mysteries of this world, the meaning of life, the reason for being... I ponder why we are, why we wonder, and why we cease to be. I ask myself who I am. I look into my inner being and mesh with its many forms, for there are many.

   Colors. Swirling colors and haphazard rays of thought. All revolve within a central orb that comprise my soul. This life source is what holds me; it makes me. It contains me and protects. It is a womb from which I may never part - no matter how hard I resist. This orb is within every one of us, though no two are akin. That is the beauty of it. Diversity separates us.

   I can influence the world - me. I can move mountains, embrace fate, and inspire the earth. But who... who am I?

I am Rachel.
I. Am. Me. 

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